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YomaBarr These rhythms! These trumpets!
Anybody here ever tried to dance salsa & headbang at the same time? 😅
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la_porte Death metal goes full bossa-nova. Warm bass, trumpets, latin percussions, varied guitarwork, think Atheist who would completely indulge in their latin / world leanings. Great musicianship, and heaps of fun.
Peter Rabbit
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Peter Rabbit A case of "metal meets another genre" done right. The latin jazz is nicely integrated and doesn't feel gimmicky, and the metal parts are quite interesting as well, so it also avoids being just latin jazz with guitars chugging in the background. Recommended for those seeking something different. Favorite track: Man's Search for Meaning.
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released April 25, 2015


all rights reserved



Acrania Mexico City, Mexico

Death/Thrash Metal finely fused with Latin Jazz elements that create a truly exquisite blend.

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Track Name: People of the Blaze
The tide rises, the sun declines
Waves have witnessed the past of time Fire
On the same day sun never sets twice
Enter inland Conquest is mine

Beating and Lying
Unconsciousness feeds on fear and nonce
Unwritten history is tattooed on us
Murder and Crying
Stars remain appearing face to face Reminding us who we are

People of the blaze

And we are nothing...

Dancing at the rythm of the flame
Life is unfair, just play the game
Why have you forsaken me?

Floating with the sea
Letting the flood tide take me
All the pyramids fall apart
Denying all the cyclical time

But what if they are right?
And we are condemned by the past
Let me not give up on you

But I, challenging time
I will survive the night of five hundred years
I deny, I refuse
This invisible history of usurpation and abuse

Track Name: Poverty Is In The Soul
What ́s the sense of accumulating so much?
To ambition so much?
Trace, kill, buy
Poverty is in the soul

You can’t put a price
On land on nature or on human pride
Our ancestors live forever
We will fight or we ́ll fall together

Will bring nothing but death
Enrichment? Coin is in the air and you can ́t bet
Man who has lost his freewill and his hopes
Still has his hatred to rise for a cause
And fight for territory



Verse 2
This open veins
Can’t feel no more
Force is the blood of those who came before
Poverty is in the soul

Invade and take
Leaving nothing more
Than corrosion
Accumulated wealth at the expense of the poor
Poverty is in the soul

See this World of contradictions
See this World of death
Simulation of progress
Leaving our selves
I can’t
Bear the weight of a happy lie
I shit on your rules, I decline

Verse 2
Track Name: I Was Never Dead
There ́s only one brief story
There ́s only one line
Why do you want to reach the limit
This rope is getting too tight

Tolerance and compliance
It ́s a matter of perspective
You always want to be above
I can not, I don ́t know

I ́m asking
Why you’d deserve
If you never give
Anything back
I said Why?!
I ́m asking why?!
Why should I listen to your point, your regrets and your crap

Now your intimidation is over
There ́s no gun that can kill all this honor of mine
Run to hide, run to nowhere
You built your present, you believed
Your foundations of sand and your lies

I will speak to you once
I will speak to you twice
I could even forgive but never forget
Life never repeats, not even mistakes
This movement will rise

No more useless tries
Walk side by side
Don ́t speak for me
Do not threaten me, no need for advice

Toleration is over
Now I dictate what is right


Your Policy is over!!!

I’ll save my pride
Save my name
I swear I did not die
It’s just that they forget
Track Name: Blinded by Power
Do you think I`m so stupid to forget you?
To forgive you?
Take care when you look at the sky

Do you think I ́m so ignorant to believe you?
To follow you?
Looking at the sun can make you blind
Can make you blind

As we advance
Loud and Fast
One last stand

See my hate
Feel my pain
This protest
Take revenge

It ́s your crime
It ́s my time
Don’t hesitate
We will fight

Live for Evermore
Martyr you say?
It won ́t stop
We want our deaths

Tell me what ́s right
Living oppressed
Life is not life
Waiting for death

Track Name: Overflow
It’s a matter of fate and hate
I’ll never be prepared to
Fall or pretend
To be like someone else and die

Betraying my self
Betraying my self

Run against the main tide I
t’s never too far!!!

It’s never too far!!!

Go on and shout, ‘till you break out
Track Name: En El Puerto
Track Name: Hypocritical Conflict
Allow the entry of all this fire
Unbelievable, unconceivable, disproportionately unfair

Build a truth repeating all this lying
Resolutions, constitutions, policy can go to hell

Bomb and raze, bleeding all this suffering
Kill civilians face to face show this arabs some respect

Tangled in this whirl of fury
They always said this is my duty
I can not bring out my Desire
I ́ll fall apart between this fire

And This...
Will bring nothing but death (x4)
Track Name: Man's Search for Meaning
It’s so hard
Man in search for meaning
Man in search for hope
With Nothing to hold on

But who cares?
This fragile existance
How to keep a healthy distance,
From inside to outside?

I’ll Leave behind
Faith in future or previous life
My hope, my will, my pride
The best among us will not
Come back

He who has a why to live for, can bear almost anyhow

When last resistance fails
The last freedom remains
The freedom to choose the attitude to face the pain

When the tide goes down
Unfortunately it reveals
All the reef of crap that forms and hides the human being

Man’s revelation
Vacate your empty self
And never let life make you so hard as others
Exhaust all the bullets without even saving the one that
Kills you
Our existance
Our bare existance remains
Remains remains remains remains

Remains of life
Honor the present remind the past
To forgive is not the same as to justify

Do not justify yourself
Our existance, our bare existance
One, one, nine, point, one, zero, four

Fuck off!!!
Your Word and your laws
Always one decides what one is
Always one decides what to live for

Shut up!!!
I speak, Its my turn
No one has the right to do wrong
Not even when you have been hurt.

The pain is gone
Alter all the suffering, no fear
There is no God to Judge
No guilty, no blame
How uncertain are human decisions

I ́ll remember the smiles
Nobody can tear of the past but stories never go back
After this borrowed time
Memories leave behind
The fear, the sky, the pain, the hope, the dark

He who has a why to live for, can bear almost any how


There’s just one life
There’s no hell no heaven
Track Name: Point Of Collision
Bearing the dead weight of the cross
And this nail
Is in my blood, in my name, in my reason

Bearing the dead weight of words
Nothing less
Whipping and puking with doctrines and treasons

Living the easy way to live
Just like them
With freedom to buy, to assume your condition

Live a normal life with grief
With it ́s blames
Placing security before the sedition

Now sitting on my throne
Hearing my World around
Uprooting tear by tear
Letting the lines move up ‘till the
Point of collision

Now immersed in my wrongs
With repentance suppurating
Every pore of my skin
Letting the lines move up ‘till the
Point of collision

Burning my cross

Stealthy and Fast
Sand falling down from my hands
Plunging my thorn
Letting my soul to be reborn
Open my chest to the unknown

While life fades away


Stealthy and Fast at last
Sand falling down from my hands
Plunging my thorn
Letting my soul to be reborn
Open my chest to the unknown

While life fades away
I`m learning to live with this pain

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